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Year 2000 Review


Another year draws to a close and it is time again to reflect upon the many events which have characterised the past year in the CPU and chipset world. In many respects the year 2000 has been memorable for a number of reasons including, the breaking of the 1 Ghz barrier, the launch of the Pentium 4 and the continued rise of non-Intel firms AMD and VIA. The PC landscape has changed somewhat from this time a year ago and almost certainly feels distanced from the situation of two years ago, when Intel still dominated the PC scene with non-Intel firms playing just bit-parts.

Capturing the essence of 2000 is not an easy task, so we have decided to break up this review of the year into three different scetions. These are:

  • A review of the major players year. This will feature a look at each company to see how they fared.

  • Hits and misses of 2000.

  • Hellos and Goodbyes of 2000.

Without much more of an ado, onto the review of 2000.

The players: Intel.

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Review Posted 31st December 2000

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