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Intel Pentium II/III Xeon

Intel Pentium II/III Xeon

The Xeon logo: Image courtesy of Intel Corporation

The Pentium II Xeon was introduced in the summer of 1998. The Xeon was meant solely as a processor aimed at the high end server/workstation market, and is not intended for use by the home user. This is reflected in its price tag which starts at 700 for a 400 MHz model with 512Kb cache and rises to 3000 for a 450 MHz model with 2Mb cache. Obviously not meant to compete with the AMD K6-2!

The Xeon uses the Slot 2 motherboard connector and the GX chipset. The main enhancement the Xeon has over the Pentium II is that it runs it's level 2 cache at full clock speed. This like the Pentium Pro ranges from 512Kb through to a massive 2Mb. The Xeon has also been released with the same enhancements as the Pentium III. Running at speeds of 500 and 550 MHz, this chip marks the fastest "x86" chip currently on sale. The Xeon can be used in scaleable 8 way multi-processing systems designed for the high end server and workstation market, where its huge levels of full speed cache can be used to the full.

Like the Pentium Pro, the Xeon can not be recommended to the home user. Its place is firmly in the high end server/workstation market, as is reinforced by its high price tag, and this is where Intel wants to position this chip in the marketplace.

Intel Pentium II/III Xeon, Technical Data

Processor Clock Speed Bus Speed Clock Muiltiplier
PII Xeon 400 400 MHz 100 MHz 4x
PII Xeon 450 450 MHz 100 MHz 4.5x
PIII Xeon 500 500 MHz 100 MHz 5x
PIII Xeon 550 550 MHz 100 MHz 5.5x

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