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IDT WinChipC6

IDT WinChip C6: Image courtesy of IDT

Early 1997 saw the release of the WinChip C6 processor from newcomers IDT (Integrated Device Technologies). Although IDT themselves have been in the semiconductor business for a number of years, the WinChip C6 was their first foray into "x86" chip production.

The WinChip C6 is a 5th generation design which along with the AMD K6/K6-2/K6-3 and Cyrix designs, is pin compatible with the Socket 7 motherboard connector. The C6 incorporated MMX instructions from the outset, and has proved to be a good little chip. Although it lacks much of the sophisticated design features of the AMD K6 family, IDT have tackled this problem by implementing complex instuctions using Microcode. This involves the processor using "inbuilt" software emulation to carry out the functions which it does not possess the hardware for. This design has meant that its performance is inferior to equivalent Intel Pentium/Pentium MMX or AMD K6 designs. The WinChip C6 does though have a very low heat output, which is very unlike its competitors.

The WinChip C6 is available in speeds of 166/180/200/225/240/266 MHz. The Processor Emporium can only recomment the IDT WinChip C6 to those on a tight budget. It simply does not have the performance to match its rivals and the 240 MHz chip is priced only 12 below the AMD K6-2 300 MHz, which makes it look even less of a bargain. Only consider the WinChip if the system it is in offers a significant price advantage over other systems. When buying the chip alone, the Processor Emporium would reccomend possibly looking at used AMD K6 processors as they would offer significantly more power for equivalent expenditure. If though you are not prepared to buy a used CPU (there are many risks involved) and your motherboard cannot accept the split voltages of the AMD K6 & Intel Pentium MMX processors, the WinChip C6 is a good upgrade option.

IDT WinChip C6, Technical Data

Processor Clock Speed Bus Speed Clock Muiltiplier
C6 166 166 MHz 66 MHz 2.5x
C6 180 180 MHz 60 MHz 3x
C6 200 200 MHz 66 MHz 3x
C6 225 225 MHz 75 MHz 3x
C6 240 240 MHz 75 MHz 3.5x

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