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Since the start of the Processor Emporium (UK) in January 1999, we have been running a technical support page. Many queries have passed and we have been able to help many users sucessfully upgrade their PC's. As a response to the support page we originally posted a Socket 7 upgraders guide in June 1999 which proved to be a big success. As a follow on to this we decided to publish an upgraders guide to Slot 1 systems which have been in existence since the summer of 1997.

This guide is only useful for owners of Intel Pentium II, Pentium III and Celeron systems, who wish to upgrade their existing Slot 1 PC to a faster Intel 6th generation processor. This guide will outline the do's and don't of Slot 1 upgrading, along with a few other little insights that exist.

What we hope to do in this article is to outline what can and cannot be achieved in a Slot 1 upgrade. We hope to point out a few noticable features of Socket 7 systems and to actually describe to you how you should set about achieving a sucessful upgrade of your Slot 1 based PC.

Please note that the information contained here is not a definitive guide as to upgrading a Slot 1 based PC. What we are hoping to do is to pass on our knowledge as to how we approach this problem. We do hope to provide a comprehensive guide to many of the problems which can happen when upgrading and to dispell the myth of upgrading being a matter of just "droppping it in & turning it on". This article also does not deal with how to upgrade using Overdrive processors.

Baznet Solutions is in no way liable for any damage which may arise from any of the advice given in this article.

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