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The i440BX Chipset

When looking at Processors and Motherboards it makes sense to look at chipsets as well. Why? Well both the motherboard and the processor of a PC depend upon the chipset for their operation. The chipset determines what processor fits into a motherboard and what features such as AGP, U/DMA 66, bus speeds and so forth. This is why we at the Processor Emporium have decided to dedicate more space to those important chips fitted to motherboards commonly known as the chipset, and they have now been given a section all of their own.

This page aims to deal with all the popular chipsets right through from Socket 7 examples such as Intel's HX and TX through to the modern BX and i820, not fogetting the non-Intel chipsets from the likes of VIA and ALi. We will still keep our old Chipset Guide, but we will expand our page to deal with individual chipsets and many other issues surrounding the issue of chipsets.

Socket 7 Chipsets
Intel i430HX Intel i430VX Intel i430TX

Super Socket 7 Chipsets
VIA MVP3 ALi Aladdin 5 SiS 530

Slot 1/Socket 370 chipsets
Intel i440FX Intel i440LX Intel i440EX
Intel i440BX Intel i440ZX Intel i810
Intel i820 VIA Apollo Pro+ VIA Apollo Pro 133
VIA Apollo Pro133A Intel i815e Intel i815EP

Slot/Socket A chipsets
AMD 751 VIA KT133 VIA KT133A

Chipset Articles
PC-133 Chipset Comparison

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