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The AMD K6 logo: Image courtesy of AMD Corporation

K6 in use

The AMD K6 is an extremely good CPU. It always offered high levels of power for a very affordable price. This placed it above Intel processors for many who did not wish to pay high prices for their proccesing power. The K6 was very strong in its 166 & 200 MHz forms as it comprehensively outperformed the Intel Pentium MMX in most areas except floating point math. The 233 MHz version was strangely only on a par with the Intel MMX and it never matched the Pentium II for raw power.

Where the K6 was always strong was in its sheer value for money. Here was a chip that was snapping at the heels of the Pentium II but only cost around two thirds of the price. Coupled to the fact that Socket 7 and Super Socket 7 motherboards were cheaper than their Slot 1 counterparts this made AMD's chip all the more appealing. The cost concious user could get high levels of power without having to break the bank.

The K6 offers impressive performance under Windows 95/98 often being quicker than its Intel counterparts in some areas. Its Windows NT performance though is not so good, but it is superior to that of the Pentium MMX and Cyrix chips.

Much has been made of the K6's alledged compatibility problems. This the Processor Emporium feels is a bit of an "urban myth" as we have considerable experience running 200 and 300 MHz variants of this chip and have found it to be a reliable performer. If anything the K6 has been one of the most reliable compoents we have ever used. Something that cannot be said for some motherboards! Maybe people were too quick to blame their K6 for faults their in poorly designed motherboards!

The AMD K6 300 also offers an advantage to users of Super Socket 7 motherboards. It is reported to be very overclockable, with reliable running being achieved on the 100 MHz bus allowing speeds almost of the PII 300 to be attained.

AMD K6, the verdict

We at the Processor Emporium will admit that we have been greatly impressed by the AMD K6. It has a lot to answer for. It was the first chip to truly challenge Intel, and was always very affordable. Although it now feels slow compared to the latest crop of chips it still offers ample power to the PC user in all its variants. It is only now available on the used market, but as an alternative to the Pentium MMX we can recommend this chip in the extreme, it really is that good. Also its cheaper than the Pentium MMX used by quite a margin. Anyone who buys a used K6 can smile as they think that they really have got THE BEST used processor bargain currently available. The AMD K6 is a chip that can really boost a PC in need of upgrading for a reasonable cost. What are you waiting for!?!

AMD K6® Processor, Technical Data

Processor Clock Speed Bus Speed Clock Muiltiplier
K6 166 166 MHz 66 MHz 2.5x
K6 200 200 MHz 66 MHz 3x
K6 233 233 MHz 66 MHz 3.5x
K6 266 266 MHz 66 MHz 4x
K6 300 300 MHz 66 MHz 4.5x

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